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Value Trading

// About Value Trading

Value Trading BV is an experienced player within the precious metals industry that values quality, honesty and transparency.

This allows us to provide impeccable service to our customers, suppliers and strategic partners and ensure trust.

In addition to trading and analysis, you can contact us for the processing of all precious metals.
In addition, we are your ideal partner for commodity trading.



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Open and honest communication is key, certainly in regards to the origins of materials.

Value Trading is committed to only buying materials from legal and sustainable sources. Under no circumstances will Value Trading purchase goods that contribute to the violation of human rights or originate in conflict zones.

For this reason, we have a strict ‘Supply Chain Policy’ in place, with clear guidelines regarding environment, health, human rights, and AML/CFT. 

This policy is in line with the vision of the Responsible Minerals Initiative and the OECD Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains on Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas.

Value Trading maintains due diligence processes to ensure its suppliers adhere to the Supply Chain Policy. What’s more, everything is supervised by our compliance department, in coordination with external legal advisors.



Thanks to our digitalised processes, we can guarantee sustainability and efficiency throughout the entire processing and production process.

Value Trading is an expert at recycling gold and other precious metals.
With the greatest expertise we process high-quality materials, such as old jewellery. Furthermore, materials with a low precious metal content, such as sweeps, are refined and processed as efficiently as possible.

The acids used are neutralised and reused.

High-quality water purification and air purification systems provide purified water and recuperated water vapour.

In this way, Value Trading hopes to do its part to help the environment.



The safety of our employees, clients and products comes first.

The production process consists of several steps. At every step along the way, we guarantee the safety of our employees and the product. We do this in a number of ways, from processing the materials in a closed, controlled setting to providing specialised training for all employees.

Clients can discreetly deliver their items in a highly secured environment, featuring in-house guards and a security coordinator.

Our employees will then give the items a unique reference number, which will be registered and tracked at every step of the production process. Because we do things this way, our clients can rest assured that they can do business with Value Trading in a safe and worry-free way.



We require that human rights are safeguarded in every step of our supply chain.

Furthermore, we support a variety of initiatives with a social purpose. We also try to do our part by supporting projects that offer care to disabled and disadvantaged children.